#Unboxing / October 2016 Petit Vour

October 2016 Petit Vour

Happy Wednesday everyone! I've got another #Unboxing to go through with you all! Today we'll be discussing the October 2016 Petit Vour box. For those who are new, Petit Vour is a cruelty-free subscription service which retails for $15/mon. You get four luxury cruelty-free items, one being full size. We'll discuss the products from left to right:

#Unboxing / October 2016 Play! by Sephora Box

October 2016 Play! by Sephora Box

It's Monday!!... Not yay... Oh man.. Apologies on the slight disappearance yesterday. We had some weekend stuff and just never got around to fully finishing the post. But I made it today! Today we'll be going over the October 2016 Play! by Sephora Box. For those who don't know, the Play! by Sephora box retails for $10 and you get 6 samples of goodies from the site. You also get Beauty Insider points if you take the card that comes with it to any Sephora location and make a purchase. Score! Now, let's go through the items one by one and from left to right!

#TheRoundUp / It's The Holidays! 2016

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Happy December! For a lot of people, the holidays are very special. Gift giving, family, parties and don't forget the food! Today I'll be sharing some ideas for all of those as well as some past posts that have great ideas for gift giving.

I don't know about you, but there's two staples I make for Christmas time; chocolate chip cookies and peppermint or candy cane fudge. Phil prefers the cookies, the kids and my co-workers enjoy both.
Ad Hoc Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe by Thomas Keller
Candy Cane Fudge (vegan option)

DIY Gifts
I'll be add the wreath to my gift making repertoire this year, but I always do nail polish ornaments.

Makeup Tutorials
If you have some (office) parties to head to, make sure to watch these videos. These are some of my new favorite holiday looks.

Hope you enjoyed this and share your favorites in these categories! I would love to check out what you do for the holidays! Hope you have a wonderful Friday and I'll see you on Sunday!

#Unboxing / October 2016 ipsy Glam Bag

October 2016 ipsy Glam Bag

Happy hump day! Today's post is another #Unboxing, however I'll admit its been quite some time since I had this subscription. As you can see from the title, this is the October 2016 ipsy Glam Bag! Let's break down the products and then show off a bit of the bag it came in. October's collection was the Black Magic collection, however I'm not sure the name has anything to do with the products. Would have been interesting if it did. Anyways, as always, let's check everything out from left to right!

#Unboxing / October 2016 Julep Maven Box

October 2016 Julep Maven Box

Happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend with your families! I personally didn't do too much other than discover Beauty Cam and do so Christmas decorating. We had to buy a new tree as ours died last year. Well, its been gradually kicking the bucket, but last year was the final appearance. We opted for a much smaller option this year.

Anyways, today we're catching up on beauty boxes and talking about the October Julep Maven Box! If you notice right away, there's a product in here I was dying to get, but wasn't able to get my hands on (see August Julep Maven Box). But its here now and I can't wait to show you because I was a bit surprised myself. Also, we'll talk about each of the products you see above, show some swatches and talk about my initial thoughts.

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