#DoesItWork / EVERPRO Gray Away Root Touch-Up Magnetic Powder

So I know this isn't a subject a lot of people like to talk about, but sometimes you just have to. It's one of those topics where you know most people will encounter it at some point in their life; some much earlier than others. However, nobody truly wants to discuss it. What is it? Gray hair. We're all at some point going to gray. Sure we can go do touch-up colors, but what about those days where you don't have the time and you spot that hint of silver peeking through? Well, that's something the EVERPRO Gray Away Root Touch-Up Magnetic Powder hopes to help you with. I was sent one for review and I felt like this was worth sharing. First let's look at the claims and ingredients and then we can move on to my experience as well as the (dreaded) before and after photo.

According to EVERPRO, the Gray Away powder "...is an instant solution to get rid of those unwanted gray roots. Unique, binding formula attaches along each hair strand like magnets providing the ultimate coverage that stays put all day long." EVERPRO claims that the product is self-adjusting to match your hair color, is mineral-infused and leaves hair soft, shiny and natural to the touch and doesn't leave any flyaways or dusting.

#Unboxing / July 2016 Julep Maven Box

July 2016 Julep Maven Box

Happy Friday everyone! Hope the week has treated you kindly. Today's post is an unboxing; been doing my best to catch up on those! This box is the July '16 Julep Maven Box. This is yet another box that I personalized. I find myself doing that as opposed to going for the pre-selected boxes. So let's go through what I got starting with the polishes!

July 2016 Julep Maven Box

#Swatch / Julep Ginger

Julep Ginger

For as much as I love holo polishes, I clearly don't own enough. I think the fact is just that a lot of mainstream brands don't carry them. But now that more are, I'm all about rocking them. Today's swatch is of Julep Ginger, a nude colored linear holographic polish. I got this polish some time ago; not sure of the exact date or box. It is a part of the 4-free line. If you didn't know, all of Julep's current release of polishes are all 5-free. They have since re-released this polish as 5-free.

As mentioned above, this polish has a linear holo finish that dries to a somewhat matte finish one it's own. I used top coat to achieve a more shiny finish. Only two coats needed for this and it applied quite evenly. Definitely one of my favorite Julep polishes to apply.

I took the above photo with direct flash and below is with diffused flash. Very sparkly when in direct contact with light.

Julep Ginger

#GoGreen / Target Made To Matter

Target Made To Matter

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you've had a wonderful weekend and are energized to start the week! We went to California's Great America to celebrate Rosalie's 8th birthday. We couldn't have asked for a better day to be there. No lines for rides and the weather was perfect!

Anyways, let's move on to the topic of this post. While I don't think its absolutely necessary, it can be helpful to #GoGreen. I think one of the hardest parts of transitioning to this is finding products that work for you and your lifestyle. Luckily, Target's Made to Matter has literally the best of green beauty, household, and snack items.

#Taste / Pique Tea Crystals

Pique Tea Crystals

Happy Friday! I don't know about you, but even with this short work week, I'm ready for the weekend. But we're getting ahead of ourselves talking about that. Today I want to share something that isn't usually a topic on this blog.

If you know me, you know my favorite night time drink is a nice cup of hot tea. I'll typically make my cup around 9-9:30pm and sit and relax with the dogs. If I'm not on the couch with my tea around that time, Brynn will walk around until she finds me. Poor baby just wants to sit on my lap and sleep and that's not easy if she hears me typing away. First world dog problems.

Anyways, the kind folks over at Pique Tea sent me this lovely little sample pack to try out. I'm all about sharing anything that has any sort of health benefit and there's loads of information about how good tea is for you.

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