October Petit Vour

Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 2014 Petit Vour
Purchased by Me
Time for another Petit Vour box! This month's theme is Beauty Thrillers. I don't know what these products have to do with Halloween, but they all seem lovely! Which seems to be the opposite of being a thriller... Yeah, not sure on this one. But let's go ahead and do a breakdown of the box.

Pacifica Devocean Natural Lipstick in XOX // I've been seeing Pacifica debut other forms of makeup and have been wanting to try. I'm currently wearing this today and so far I'm in love! I swatched this below, so you can see how versatile of a shade this is. The full size of this product contains 0.07oz and retails for $14. Close to the cost of this box!

Flo + Theo Body Butter in Lemon Orchard // With my dry skin, any type of body butter is amazing. And with winter approaching, this couldn't be more sought after. I am in love with the lemon scent. I could eat this because it smells so delicious! The full size product contains 4oz and retails for $28. I'm not sure on the size of this sample as it isn't indicated on the label.

S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Toner // I like the idea behind this product. Five simple ingredients, three organic: water, raw apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, clary sage oil and sandalwood oil. Done. I'm hoping this works for me. I have really sensitive skin and I would hate for this to just be too harsh. The full size contains 4oz and retails for $24. This sample size contains 1oz and is worth about $6. So without knowing the worth of one product, we've already peaked over the cost of the box.

Forager Botanicals Natural Eau de Parfum in Nectar // Always intrigued by natural perfumes and scents. While I like some, others are either repulsive or just too overbearing. That can be said with any perfume though. And I'm not huge on floral scents, so I don't know if this will be up my alley. The full size contains 2oz and retails for $98. This sample size contains less than a mL, maybe 0.7mL (not sure) and is worth a little over a dollar. Hard to say as I really don't know the size of the sample. My educated guess would be ~$1.20.

Below are more photos of the items.

October 2014 Petit Vour

October 2014 Petit Vour

October 2014 Petit Vour

That brings this box to a worth of over $21.20, but not quite sure how much over. I am always pretty amazed at the value of this box, but am deeply annoyed when sample sizes don't contain the amount of product. Or even when the company doesn't disclose it in their handouts. But 9/10 the products are of amazing quality. I feel like I could never quit this box because of that alone. What do you think of the October Petit Vour box? Did you get it and if so, what did you receive?

Don't forget, I announce the winner of my Birthday Giveaway tomorrow! Is it you? Find out tomorrow! I'm so excited!

Nail Art / Captain America vs Winter Soldier

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Captain America Winter Soldier nail art
Purchased By Me
Last nail art of the month and I think its a doozy! This is probably by far my greatest achievement. Today's post is on my Captain America and Winter Soldier themed nail art. I'll do a break down of what I did and what polishes used below. Before I get into that, I originally did this because my daughter will (and always is) Captain America for Halloween and Phil is going to be Winter Soldier. I had the idea and decided to try my best to execute it with my n00b skills.

Captain America nail art

For my Captain America hand, my left hand, my inspiration was his old shield (thumb), current shield (index), the flag (middle and ring) and his Winter Soldier uniform (pinky).

I started with a base of NARS Ecume on my thumb, Essence Just Rock It! on my index and pinky and Essence Can't Cheat On Me on my middle and ring. For my thumb I used tape to draw out the stripes with Sephora by OPI And A Cherry On Top and then used Essence Just Rock It! for the blue french tip. I made a clean edge by using a striper brush to clean up my lines. For the stars on the thumb I pulled out star shaped glitter from Super Nails Captain America, which I also topped on my ring finger. I used Julep America on my middle finger. For the index finger I used Sephora by OPI And A Cherry On Top to line out the shield. Lastly, on my pinky I used NARS Ecume and a striper brush to make the lines.

Winter Soldier nail art

For my Winter Soldier hand, my inspiration was mostly his uniform (index) and metal arm (thumb). I couldn't really think of anything else, so I used similar colors.

I started off on my thumb using the gray creme color of Revlon Moon Candy Milky Way. Once this dried, I used striping tape to make lines and then layered with Pure ICE Ruffled Sheets. I used two coats of Julep Cleopatra for my index finger. I first used one coat of B-O 52 on my middle and ring finger. I then layered two coats of Hits Zeus on my middle finger and two coats of NYX Dorothy on my ring finger. My pinky is two coats of Sephora by OPI And A Cherry On Top and one coat of Hard Candy Black Tie Optional.

For the stars, I used a pack of stars that I bought at Sally Beauty. The pack came with gold stars, silver chrome stars and shiny silver stars. I used NARS Ecume and Sephora by OPI And A Cherry On Top and painted over the chrome stars.

bottle shot of all of the polishes used: 1. B-O 52 2. Hits Zeus 3. Super Nails Captain America 4. Julep Cleopatra 5. Pure ICE Ruffled Sheets 6. Julep America 7. Essence Just Rock It! 8. Essence Can't Cheat On Me 9. Sephora by OPI And A Cherry On Top 10. Hard Candy Black Tie Optional 11. NARS Ecume 12. Revlon Moon Candy Milky Way (creme) 13. NYX Dorothy

Hope you enjoyed today's nail art! While you're here, tell me your favorite super hero and why! I'd love to know!

Incidental Twin / Loki Stole My Feels

Monday, October 27, 2014

Incidental Twin Loki Stole My Feels
Purchased By Me
Happy Monday to all of you out there on the Internet this fine day. Let us discuss this fine glitter polish we have on hand. Today's swatch is of Incidental Twin Loki Stole My Feels. I originally tried to swatch this on its own, however the jelly is very sheer, so it instantly became a topper instead. Loki Stole My Feels is a sheer green jelly with gold/copper shifting shimmer, small gold hex glitter and larger green hex glitter. It amazing in the bottle and just a beautiful on the nail.

Incidental Twin Loki Stole My Feels

My only gripes with this polish is that not only I could not get the green glitters out of the bottle to save my life but that the brush was just wonky and absorbed so much polish. I had to take off so much excess even before I put it on my nail. I don't think the latter is something that is a common problem. Sometimes you get a fab brush, sometimes they get a little wonky.

All in all, I love this polish and I'm super happy I finally caved and bought it. Currently this combo is what Isabella wants for her Gamora costume. I'll probably paint her nails on Wednesday or Thursday while I color her hair.

PS - The base color is jinSOON Metaphor.

PPS - If Loki has ever stolen your feels, make sure to let this Tumblr know.

Weekly Recap 10/04

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Short week of posts. I know, I've not been the best blogger, but I should be picking it back up now. :)

This Week's Posts

Sample Sunday: --

This week's polish swatches: Picture Polish Time Warp

My Favorite Posts of the Week

Black and White Halloween Manicure by Newsie Nail Novice // A cute and simple Halloween nail art! I love the spider!

Dripping Skulls by Rambles of a Polish Addict // Another cute Halloween nail art. I might need to try something similar to this!

What Makes a "Basic" an "Essential"? by Cupcakes and Cashmere // A very important topic when building you wardrobe no matter your general style. Something I'll be looking back at since I've been dreading cleaning my closet.

What I Learned After One Year of Running My Own Business by The Nectar Collective // Very important read. I'm hoping this applies to my brother and I helping my mom with her salon. That is if we make it to a year.

The Vegan Candy Corn Recipe You've Been Searching For by Bldg 25 // It wouldn't be a weekly recap without some sort of food post. I didn't know I was searching for this, but apparently I was.

Photo/Video of the Week

Photo of the week goes to Phil's Halloween costume. Isn't it awesome! I think for a cheap costume, this definitely did the trick!

Nail Art / Morrigan Revisited

Friday, October 24, 2014

Purchased By Me / Giveaway Prize
Happy Friday! Sorry for such a late post in the day. I'll discuss this further at the end of the post. Anyways, let's move on to the matter at hand, literally. Because Halloween is all about dressing up, I decided to do some more nail art for you. I have this image that I use as various avatars, but I decided to try to get a little more in-depth. So here's my Morrigan nail art revisited! Below is a comparison to her and the color I was aiming for is on the right highlighted with a 1. And yes, I pulled out the UMvC3 bible for these pictures.

For my thumb and pinky, I used two coats of Pure ICE Playful Princess. I was really impressed with this color. It looked amazing, had a great consistency for a creme and the glossy finish was oh so perfect! On my index and ring finger I used two coats of Impala Brisas. Brisas is a bit more of a semi-opaque jelly and dried to an almost matte finish. For my middle finger, I started with three coats of Color Club Oh My Versailles. If you remember in August I used this polish and it left horrible staining on my nails. I'm about halfway grown out right now, so I used this nude to make sure I have a nice even skin town like color. I then used Very Emily's tutorial on a cut-out heart and used Julep Cleopatra for this. This polish will make one more appearance in nail art coming up soon. The water decals were bought years ago on eBay and they just aren't the best anymore. I think I will try a different method next time I do Morrigan inspired nail art.

For those who don't know, Morrigan is by far one of my favorite characters in gaming and comics combined. I have always used her in every game that she's in so, its only fitting I still use her.

So again, sorry about the lapse in posts these past couple of weeks. Yesterday was both a joyous, yet difficult day. I was so proud of my babies getting academic achievements and district honors, but then we all had to go to a memorial service for one of Rosalie's friends who lost his battle with cancer. I can't even imagine what his parents must be going through; the thought alone brings tears to my eyes. Rosalie had drawn a picture of her friend and gave it to his family at the service. I was so proud of her, but seeing their own sadness... it was heartbreaking. I definitely find an outlet in working on this and casually gaming, so I'm glad I have them to do in my spare (spare) time.
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