Haul / RoseRoseShop 001 & 002

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This was a post originally aimed for last month, but I'm just now getting to this. I hope you understand the delay. 

Purchased By Me
So if there's anything I love to do, it is buy stuff try new products! Recently I've been on a Korean product kick, so I decided to make a purchases at the end of April and the end of May from RoseRoseShop. For those who don't know, RoseRoseShop is my go-to site for purchasing Korean products online. Anyways, my packages ended up arriving around the same time due to availability of certain items. So let's talk about what was received!

In the top image from left to right is: Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam in No. 3 Tone/Clarifying (full size), Innisfree Camellia Magic Styling Shampoo & Rinse (x5 samples), Too Cool For School Aroma Garden Moisturizing sheet mask (1), Etude House Help My Finger quick dry drops (full size), 3 Concept Eyes Nail Polish in GN04 on top and VL04 on bottom.

The awesome part about ordering from RoseRoseShop is getting to ask for samples. With the first order I received the above: Skin Food Egg White Pore Foam cleanser, TonyMoly Panda's Dream White Magic Cream, Etude House Skin-Fit Foundation , Etude House Milky You One Step Cleansing Foam and the Innisfree Green Tea Pure-Sleeping Pack.

The set above is what I received in my second, later order. From left to right: Etude House Sweet Water Free Decal Sticker in Letter To You, Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Eyelash Curler Petit, Etude House Oh My Goodness dry shampoo, Too Cool For School Sitkoza gel cleanser (x10 samples) and the Etude House Sunprise Must Daily SPF 50 face cream (x10 samples).

With this order the above samples are what I received: APIEU Eco Fresh Original 100 Essence, Skin Food Strawberry Black Sugar Mask, Missha Signature Dramatic Base Boomer, It's Skin Prestige Serum D'Escargot and Missha Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam.

I have already begun using, and have used up, some of these products. I will definitely be discussing some of the samples on Sample Sunday posts in the future. Look for some of the empties to be coming up! If there is anything on this list that you want a dedicated post on, please let me know! Please send recommendations, too! I would love to know what you like!

Julep / Saaya

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This was a post originally aimed for last month, but I'm just now getting to this. I hope you understand the delay. 

Julep Saaya
Purchased By Me
Hello all! Hope you're all doing well this morning! I'm pretty ok at the moment. Not amazing, not fantastic or even great, just pretty ok. Today's swatch of of Saaya, a polish from May's Bombshell box. So let me first say, UGH! Now let us ponder this for a moment... Do you see what I'm seeing? Yeah, the shimmer looks pretty, but holy fudge. This looks like garbage on me! It is such a pretty peachy-orange with golden shimmer, but there's something about this shade of orange that just looks muddy on me.

Julep Saaya

So now let's talk about the formula. It was a bit thick and slightly runny. Thickness was that of a creme, but with shimmer. It also looked terrible without a topcoat as it dried a bit more to a satin finish. So, you've got the trifecta of horribleness: muddy color, weird formula and ug finish.

Now with all that said, I think this color would look great on some skin tones. I just think that it isn't right for me. I do have similar colors that I also don't like on me, so I think I will post a color comparison. So as to not get everyone hating the color on me, I will make sure to use a nail wheel. When I get a chance to start a blog sale, this will be the first up.

Well, I'm off to start my day now. I hope you have a wonderful day! If you have a swatch of you wearing this color, please link me! I'd love to see it actually looking nice on someone! Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Sample Sunday / Avon Outspoken by Fergie Eau de Parfum

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Avon Outspoken by Fergie eau de parfum
Purchased By Me
Howdy all! Hope your weekend has been going good! Now I think you might be wondering how this was purchased by me when it's a promotional sample. But if you know me well enough, you know I like to buy sample lots on the eBay. The last sample lot I purchased had a ton of these little perfume samples and I thought I'd share my experience with some of them. So the first in this series is Outspoken by Fergie from Avon.

Avon products aren't new to me. I mean, I've heard of Avon. Who hasn't? But trying them, that's another story. Normally I'm used to perfume samples coming in little vials, but these samples are little card stocks with a seal on it. When you open it up, you get the below picture. For me, these types of samples are very hard to use in a sense of getting enough product on. I feel like I can really only get it on my wrist easily. Otherwise, I feel like I'm rubbing myself down with a wet wipe. A really tiny one.

Avon Outspoken by Fergie eau de parfum

The scent is fruity, a bit floral-y.. Definitely more for a night out. It has a bit of a musk to it, but it isn't overbearing. I read through some of the comments regarding the scent and I have to say I have no idea what some of these commenters are talking about. There is no smell of smoke or leather. I think they mean that is has a musky scent, but it isn't masculine at all.

The downside, and perhaps this has to do with the type of sample, is that it didn't last that long. The scent on my wrists faded quickly once I washed my hands, which is usually in the morning after I wash my coffee cup at work. I tried rubbing it on my shirt two of the days and after a few hours the scent was nonexistent. I would say the longest wear I got was four hours. I've gone through about 10 of these little cards and my testing each day has been about the same. I hope this isn't the case for the actual spray version of the perfume. If it is, then I'll pass.

So while, the scent is lovely, if the staying power isn't there, then this is a no-go. I do like it, but not enough to warrant spending $30 for a perfume that won't last longer than a few hours. However, like I mentioned, this isn't an everyday scent. So maybe it doesn't need staying power. I'm on the fence really. If you're looking to purchase this, you can find it here on the Avon site.

Have you tried any Avon scents? What are your thoughts on how they compare to high end brands? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! Don't forget to check out the giveaway I'm having!

Haul / Sephora 001

Friday, July 18, 2014

Purchased By Me
Good morning everyone! How is everyone doing on this lovely Friday? It was pretty hot earlier in the week, but it has been cooling down. And by cooling down I mean its in the 90's and not 100's. Ugh.. haha.

So let me go through with what I got. I first started with the Boyfriend Billionaire Boyfriend Eau de Parfum. It really stood out for me, so I wanted to give it a go. After that, there was a coupon code for three deluxe size samples. I chose the following: Prada Infusion D’Iris Eau de Parfum Rollerball, Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight and the Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer. After that, I chose my normal samples: Origins Smarty Plants CC SPF 20 Skin Complexion Corrector (not shown), Bumble and bumble Surf Surf Foam Wash Shampoo and Creme Rinse Conditioner and Versace Bright Crystal Absolu. On top of that, I had enough points to get a deluxe sample of the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.

All in all, a small (baby) haul, but I always love getting so many things for such a little price! Expect to see the samples show up in upcoming Sample Sunday posts!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and let me know!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure / Barracuda

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Barracuda Influenster VowVoxBox
Press Sample
Ahhhhh! What a weekend! Not only did we have a great party for Isabella, but it was EVO weekend! And what an awesome tournament it was! However, this post is not about that at all. As you can tell by the title, we're going to talk about nail polish, so let's go ahead and get on into it.

I received Barracuda in the Influenster #VowVoxBox.  It is a light cool blue creme.  If you're not familiar with the Complete Salon Manicure line, then let's give you a breakdown. Sally Hansen claims that this is a 7-in-1 product that has base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color (duh), top coat, is chip-resistant and has gel shine. SH also claims that this formula should last ten days.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Barracuda Influenster VowVoxBox

First and foremost, this is not chip-resistant. Nor does it last ten days. However, I do want to emphasize that polishes don't last long on me due to the amount of typing and gaming I do. I have been lax on the gaming, but I work every day and am on a computer at home. With all of that said, this lasted a good three days before finally showing minor tip wear. Everything fell apart after that though. As noted before, this polish has a creme finish that dries glossy. Coverage is somewhat sparse so I suggest three thin coats.

Now on to a color comparison! So if you see below, I don't really have much in the ways of light blues. So I compared this polish to The Face Shop BL601 and Hello Kitty by Sephora Minty. As you can see, Barracuda is in the middle. I used three coats for each swatch.

You can purchase Barracuda from any retail store that carries Sally Hansen or directly from their website. How do you feel about the claims SH makes on the Complete Salon Manicure line? Lastly, I want to thank Influenster and Sally Hansen for the chance to review this polish! While, this normally isn't a color I would reach for, I can definitely make good use of it!
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