December Julep Maven Modern Beauty Box

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Purchased By Me / Contains Referral Link
Sorry for that one day hiatus. I had some family matters to attend to. But here we are! A little late in the month, but I finally received my December Julep Maven box! December's polish collection is called the Countdown Collection. I ordered the Modern Beauty box, which is the beauty product only box, but also added a nail polish with my points. So let's go ahead and see what is enclosed.

From left to right in the above picture is the Orbital Eyshadow in Equinox, the Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer and nail polish in Paula.

Above is a close up the packaging of the primer and Equinox.

Here's a close up of the bottle. Paula is leaning a bit more cool toned in photos, but it is slightly warmer than this, but not by much.

Above is a swatch of Equinox and the primer. I passed through twice on my swatch of Equinox. Leans more gray in pan, but is really a shimmery, silvery taupe. I have yet to test these out, but so far the shadow is rather sheer and can be built up. The primer is super creamy and doesn't tug. I love how opaque it is, so right off the bat, it is something I would consider if you're trying to find something similar to a nude like MAC Painterly. Of course, I realize I should have waited for the primer to dry and also apply Equinox on top, but tired mom syndrome must have been in full effect and it appears it slipped my mind. My apologies.

Now on to the coupons! If you're interested in any of the products above, then hop on over to Julep's site to sneak a peek! Make sure to use the code THIRTYOFF for 30% off your next order until January 31, 2015! If you're interested in the Maven boxes, feel free to use my referral link to sign up!

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Nail Art / Christmas Skittle

Monday, December 15, 2014

Purchased By Me / Giveaway Prize
Happy Monday and Happy Holidays! Well, we're getting there at least. Ok, maybe not too close, but I needed to get this out of my system. Snow, Christmas trees, Christmas lights and candy canes. All things that remind me about Christmas time.

Above are all of the polishes used for this mani. Here's what I used and how I used them:

For my thumb I started with a two coat base of Floss Gloss Biscuits and then taped and striped on Sally Hansen Royal Shyness. I then used the Love & Beauty Gold and Red Glitters and pulled out the bigger glitters for ornaments. For the star, I used a star from the pack I bought to do this mani.

For my index finger I started with three coats of L.A. Colors Energy Source and striped on Sephora Collection Cherry Popsicle and Sally Hansen Royal Shyness.

For my middle finger I started with two coats of Julep Savoy and topped with one coat of Orly Bling. I then used Sinful Colors Time Off for the line and used L.A. Colors Energy SourceSephora Collection Cherry Popsicle and Sally Hansen Royal Shyness for the lights.

For my ring finger I started with two coats of Pure ICE Castle of Dreams, one coat of Street Wear E=MC2 and then used one coat of OPI Pirouette My Whistle. I sponged on L.A. Colors Energy Source and then topped with Indigo Bananas Chill Out.

For my pinky I started with two coats of L.A. Colors Energy Source and then did one coat of Sally Girl Peppermint.

I love the way this mani turned out. Honestly, I was inspired by some Christmas sticker tags I bought at Target a couple of weeks ago. They are so cute and put me right in the mood to do something like this!

I hope you enjoy this mani! Share your Winter/Christmas manis with me!

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Sample Sunday / NUDE Skincare Perfect Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Purchased By Me
Happy Sunday all! Hope your weekend has been going well! Man, was Capcom Cup exciting or what?! If you didn't watch it, then you missed out some amazing action! Seriously! Major events like that are ones that I recommend to anyone who doesn't watch or even play fighting games. Same goes with sports. You want to watch the best of the best, not bottom level. Anyways, on to the topic of the day. Today's Sample Sunday post is on the NUDE Skincare Perfect Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes. I got this in the Sephora Favorites Beauty Oil Essentials kit. Now, from what I understand is that this product still exists, it's just repackaged. I'm not sure why as I love the lavender color a lot more than the dusty rose, but it really doesn't matter in the end. The ingredients are the same. So how does this cleansing oil compare to others I've tried?

Claims //  According to the description on Sephora, "An omega-rich oil cleanser for the face and eyes that effortlessly cleanses skin and dissolves makeup." Did this product cleanse my skin and remove makeup? Yes, but not as well as you'd think. Before I tried this I read the initial reviews of the product and from what I gathered it was, "don't put this near your eyes, it stings," and "gave me pimples," basically. I summed it up. So yes, it did remove my face makeup. I don't wear heavy face makeup though. Maybe powder, light concealer and blush. Did I try it near my eyes? Yes, and yes it did sting. The best worst part is is that it did in fact sting and didn't remove my (non-waterproof) mascara all the way. So I needed to use eye makeup remover on top of using this. While it did remove some of my makeup, I still needed to follow-up with a cleanser afterwards. At the end of the night, that brings me to using three cleansers to remove my makeup. So effective, but not as much as I would've liked it to be. Also, I didn't have any negative reactions to this product. So that's a plus.

Scent // This definitely has a floral (jasmine) scent. It isn't too heavy, but it's something to think about if you're sensitive to fragrances. It was light enough for me that it wasn't a bother. I personally hate unscented products. "Unscented" is such an unpleasant scent... If that makes any sense.

Packaging // Is it just me or was anyone else not able to open this up? I love to use every last bit of product and I couldn't open this thing up to save my life. I could have asked Phil, but that's one more thing that I feel I should be able to open on my own. Maybe I'm weak. Who knows. I think it is ok, but for as much as this costs, a pretty bottle may need to be in order. Especially for how nice it smells.

Below are the ingredients found on CosDNA:
Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Glycine Soja Oil, Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil, Polyglyceryl-4 oleate, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Parfum, Tocopheryl Acetate, Tocopherol
I do love that the product is made from mostly natural ingredients. I feel that's a trend that has been booming lately. Not to say that non-organic is bad, we started somewhere, but I think it certainly is nice and refreshing. I honestly do like the product. If someone gave it to me, I'd definitely use it. On sale? I'd buy it. Full price? No, I have other cleansers that I love that do a bit more work for less.

Sample Sunday Rating: 6.5/10

What do you think of the NUDE Skincare Perfect Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes? Have you tried other NUDE Skincare products? If so, what are your recommendations?

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Weekly Recap 12/02

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Giant storm came and went. Life carried on as usual. But today is Capcom Cup! Sad I'm not there, but the kids and I will be watching the stream! Everyone is excited to watch it!

This Week's Posts

My Favorite Posts of the Week

Morocco Mamma by Miss Moss // I hope one day I'm as badass as her mom. Because her mom, she's pretty badass. Take a look!

Make Today Your B* by Pommel Lane // Found a new blog to follow and a new wallpaper in one day!

Peru Preview by Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot // Peru is a place I've always wanted to go. These photos are simply amazing. I'm just in awe; so beautiful!

Jojo's Dairy-Free Chocolate Brookies by Lily Pebbles // Yup, making this.

What It's Like to Be a Guy Fashion Blogger by Independent Fashion Bloggers // I don't know why I always forget guy fashion bloggers exist. I shouldn't. I love them. So this was a nice article to see.

DIY Printable Holiday Cards by A Pair & A Spare // Nothing says Happy Holidays like a card that says "Happy Fucking Holidays." If you haven't noticed while reading this blog, I talk like a sailor around adults. Little kids then its all sugar, honey, iced tea if you know what I mean.

The Problem with Zoella's "Girl Online" by Gingerbread Buttons // Saw this posted in an FB group and I have to say, I can understand the frustration noted by the author and from the comments. As someone with anxiety myself, I hate seeing something serious like anxiety made to be brought on my something so trivial. More than enough teenagers worry about things like that, but is it full blown anxiety or just routine teenager stuff? Good read though.

Photo/Video of the Week

I've been listening to Masked Intruder a lot and I thought I'd finally do a video search. This acoustic version of Heart Shaped Guitar is pretty good.

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Indigo Bananas / Chill Out

Friday, December 12, 2014

Indigo Bananas Chill Out
Purchased By Me
There's something about winter themed polishes that are just so intriguing. Honestly. Some of the most beautiful polishes are released during the winter time. I think mostly because they're so sparkly. Strange enough, even after the foil method was passed around the interwebs, I'm still not a huge glitter fan. I'll buy a ton, but will hardly wear them. With that being said, here's a trip into the vault, yet again, with a swatch of Indigo Bananas Chill Out.

I bought this last year, along with this, this, this, this and this and a few that have yet to be shown. Chill Out is a clear jelly with a mix of micro, small and square holo and white glitters. It's like a snow flurry in a bottle! I used one coat on each of my nails. This glitter is dense, but so much that too much or even too little come out. It is literally just right. Above is with flash and below is outdoors.

Indigo Bananas Chill Out

I've seen Indigo Bananas around, but I know when I bought this I was on a winter theme kick so I chose this one. Oh the days when I had longer nails. I do and do not miss this. Maybe I'll try to see how long I can get my nails. I just hate using my phone with longer nails.

What do you think of Chill Out? Have you tried any polishes by Indigo Bananas? Any recommendations?

PS - The base polish is an unknown brand silver-blue. It has been used up to make Christmas ornaments.

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