Nail Art / Morrigan Revisited

Friday, October 24, 2014

Purchased By Me / Giveaway Prize
Happy Friday! Sorry for such a late post in the day. I'll discuss this further at the end of the post. Anyways, let's move on to the matter at hand, literally. Because Halloween is all about dressing up, I decided to do some more nail art for you. I have this image that I use as various avatars, but I decided to try to get a little more in-depth. So here's my Morrigan nail art revisited! Below is a comparison to her and the color I was aiming for is on the right highlighted with a 1. And yes, I pulled out the UMvC3 bible for these pictures.

For my thumb and pinky, I used two coats of Pure ICE Playful Princess. I was really impressed with this color. It looked amazing, had a great consistency for a creme and the glossy finish was oh so perfect! On my index and ring finger I used two coats of Impala Brisas. Brisas is a bit more of a semi-opaque jelly and dried to an almost matte finish. For my middle finger, I started with three coats of Color Club Oh My Versailles. If you remember in August I used this polish and it left horrible staining on my nails. I'm about halfway grown out right now, so I used this nude to make sure I have a nice even skin town like color. I then used Very Emily's tutorial on a cut-out heart and used Julep Cleopatra for this. This polish will make one more appearance in nail art coming up soon. The water decals were bought years ago on eBay and they just aren't the best anymore. I think I will try a different method next time I do Morrigan inspired nail art.

For those who don't know, Morrigan is by far one of my favorite characters in gaming and comics combined. I have always used her in every game that she's in so, its only fitting I still use her.

So again, sorry about the lapse in posts these past couple of weeks. Yesterday was both a joyous, yet difficult day. I was so proud of my babies getting academic achievements and district honors, but then we all had to go to a memorial service for one of Rosalie's friends who lost his battle with cancer. I can't even imagine what his parents must be going through; the thought alone brings tears to my eyes. Rosalie had drawn a picture of her friend and gave it to his family at the service. I was so proud of her, but seeing their own sadness... it was heartbreaking. I definitely find an outlet in working on this and casually gaming, so I'm glad I have them to do in my spare (spare) time.

Picture Polish / Time Warp

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Picture Polish Time Warp
Purchased By Me
Not much to do but go right on in to the nail polish! Today's swatch is of a purchase from last month, Picture Polish Time Warp. I've always wanted one from this brand and last month I was happy to add two to my collection! Time Warp is a blackened blurple with blue shimmer. It is fairly opaque in one coat, but two is highly recommended. Application was smooth and dry time was good, but make sure you apply this in thinner coats. I was so enamored with the polish, so I needed to post more than one shot.

Picture Polish Time Warp

Picture Polish Time Warp

Such a beauty! Definitely looks lighter in the bottle because of the shimmer, but I love the subtlety once on the nail. What do you think?

Nail Art / I See You

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Purchased By Me
Happy Monday Tuesday all! I can't believe I forgot what day it was. Hope you had a great weekend! Proud to say that Isabella's team won their first soccer game. The girls were so pumped! They all played amazing and it was nice to get an email from the coach detailing what positive things he saw from each girl. Rosalie's team lost, but that's ok. Her team was undefeated at that point, so they can shrug it off and focus on this coming weekend's game. Now, that I've told you all about my weekend, let's get down to the purpose of this post, the polish!

So this nail art is inspired by a set of nail stickers that I found on Love Culture over a year ago. I'm terrible with nail stickers, and it boggles my mind that I still try, so I thought I'd try my hand at recreating the look using polish instead. Below is the base that I started with and above is the finished product.

I started with a base of two coats of NARS Ecume and one coat of B-O 52. I think Ecume is my new go-to white base. It wasn't streaky at all! I was so amazed with how well the polish worked and can't wait to use it in future nail art! The B-O polish is great for stamping, which I never do, but nonetheless, if you need a good stamping polish, that black was the one to buy. I don't see it at Born Pretty Store anymore, but here's the link to the white. I bet it is an awesome white too.

Now to get to the polishes I used for this: 1. NARS Dovima, 2. NARS Ecume, 3. NYX Dorothy, 4. Sinful Colors Time Off, 5. Sinful Colors Bad Chick, 6. Sinful Shine Most Sinful 7. B-O 52. For those wondering, I used the white and black striper polishes to clean up any mistakes I may have made. You know what didn't help? My topcoat ruining and pulling the color along the nail. That's just the pits right there. If any of you have suggestions on good topcoats for art, please let me know!

Hope you enjoyed today's post! I tried to get to this yesterday, but I had a doctors appointment and I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I smashed my left ring finger a couple of weeks ago and luckily its not broken, just still badly bruised. But I'll live. ;)

Weekly Recap 10/03

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hope your week has been good! I'm not going to lie, its been a rough couple of weeks. I haven't had motivation to post every day, which is bothersome to me. I like posting every day, but I've just felt so drained. I also really want to relax and chill, but I know that probably won't happen.

This Week's Posts

This week's polish swatches: Hay Girl Nail Polish Witches Brew

My Favorite Posts of the Week

Kimchi Tofu Scramble Tacos by The Simple Veganista // I love kimchi. I love tacos. I love tofu. But together? I might need to try it to find out if I like it.

My New Look by Noor AlQahtani // Wow..Speechless!! Noor, you're so talented. I love the new design! And you should hire her too. :)

How To Successfully Grow Succulents by Bldg 25 // Favoriting this for my mother-in-law and I. I've got a non existent green thumb, so its surprising any of our plants produce veggies. But I think I want get some succulents for my office at work. I think it would help liven up my space.

Things To Remember When You Fail by wellmeaningbeauty // Very important stuff in here.

Pichulik: Baraka by Miss Moss // Gorgeous pieces, well styled and beautiful photography. Love everything about this.

Photo/Video of the Week

Looks like I've some studying to do. Isabella has her Gamora costume ready. This is by far the best tutorial I've seen. I'm just torn on what I'm going to do with her hair. I think I may use the Manic Panic colored gel, but I may just ombre her hair with temp color. Skip to 2:41 for the nitty gritty.

Hay Girl Nail Polish / Witches Brew

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hay Girl Nail Polish Witches Brew
Purchased By Me
Happy Friday! Hope you have some wonderful plans for the weekend! Me? Not much. Early morning soccer and hopefully a chance to relax, but who knows. I realize that is totally unexciting, but relaxing is the one thing I can get most hype about. SRSLY.

Today's post is on a lovely glitter topper that I purchased last month from Hay Girl Nail Polish on Etsy. Above is one coat of Witches Brew. I've tried polishes from Hay Girl before and I really liked them, so I thought I'd try a glitter. I really wanted something that would look good over dark colors, but also would be good for Halloween time. I definitely think this polish fits the bill for that. However the density of the glitter in the bottle doesn't relate to how it transfers to your nail. You can see my ring finger has a lot of glitter and that's because I went over my nail twice. Every other nail was one pass through. Also, the glitter is highly reflective, so it was a very colorful mani despite having such a dark base. Overall a good polish, but I suggest two coats if you really want to pack on the glitter.

If you're interested in this polish, it is still for sale on Etsy. I just did a quick browse of the other colors, and I think I definitely want to purchase some more!

PS - The base color is Fantasy Makers Vampish Red.
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