#Swatch / ORLY Royal Velvet

ORLY Royal Velvet

Oh Wednesday. I wish you were Friday. As much as I want the weekend to be here, let's stick to the topic on hand and that's this polish you see before you, ORLY Royal Velvet. Royal Velvet was released in Spring 2011 in the Precious Collection. Older, yes, but not vintage.

#WeeklyRecap / 34-52

Sorry for the lack of posts. This is going to be more of an update post than #WeeklyRecap. However, I wanted to talk and share with you some plans for the future. I'm looking to really get this blog off the ground and for that, its time to get the big girl blog pants on.

First off, I'll be moving from Blogger to Wordpress. I'm settling on a design right now, but just know, its going to be spot on. I'll make sure to let you all know about the down time for that.

Secondly, #WeeklyRecap will be turning into a weekly newsletter as opposed to a post. I think it will not only be easier to manage, but more of a personal way to keep in touch. Again, I'll keep you all updated for that.

Thirdly, the blog will be going a more lifestyle route, but I'm going to make sure my main focus is still on beauty.

I can't wait to take you with me on to the next level! Hope you all have been well and can't wait to see you tomorrow for Sample Sunday!

#Unboxing / June 2016 Julep Maven Box

June 2016 Julep Maven Box

TGIF! I know this was meant to be up sooner, but some things just needed to be taken care of first. But now that I'm catching up again on posts, we've got a few past subscription boxes to go through. Above is what was received in my June 2016 Julep Maven Box. I wanted to talk about this one because I feel that Julep has been on a kick recently with their non-nail related items. So if you want to read more about the items in the box, hit the jump!

#Swatch / SpaRitual Royal

SpaRitual Royal

It's been a quick minute, hasn't it? Well, as you've seen from previous quick updates, it's been a ride. While things haven't cleared up entirely, I've reached a point where I can return to some normal bit of life. Which for me, that means back to blogging.

As you can see from the Swatch Calendar to the left, August is purple. Our very first purple swatch is SpaRitual Royal. This is a color that I don't see much about, but it definitely deserves some love. It's got shimmer and glitter and gives off a spacey vibe. Hit the jump to see more!

Getting Back To Normal

I know I said that blog posts would resume, but I've still got a lot to handle before I can fully dedicate my time to the blog. I will be attempting to pick up where I left off on Wednesday or Friday, but I may need to delay until next week. Just wanted to keep in touch and say thank you for sticking around.

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