#MomTime / My Daughters Got Hair Cuts & They Love Them

So I first want to apologize as this will be a bit ranty. Not at anyone particular person, but just a general thought.

On Friday the 7th, the girls went to my hairstylist, Justin Thomas. Before I move on, he travels quite a bit, so if you ever get a chance to get a cut from him, go for it! His work is absolutely amazing as you'll see. The mom in me was nervous for them as they really never had drastic cuts; only a trim here or there. And for a while now, they've been wanting to go short. How short? REAL SHORT. Phil talked me into letting them get these cuts with the notion that Justin would do it so that it would look fabulous. So let's show off the new do's.

#HBD / I'm Old(er)

Yay! Hope everyone is having a great day! Yesterday was my birthday! I'm currently in Santa Ana for SoCal Regionals. I've already gotten my birthday gift at the end of September, you know the sexy lady on my thigh?

Anyways, have a wonderful Friday and I'll see you on Sunday! There won't be a Sample Sunday, but I did want to share the new hair cuts that my daughters got. I'll be having a bit of a rant, but not about the do's (hint: they turned out great!). But, I do want to talk about something that was bothering me once my oldest stepped out to show off said new do.

Gosh, do I ramble much?! See you then!

#Unboxing / August 2016 Julep Maven Box

August 2016 Julep Maven Box

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Today we'll be catching up on the August Julep Maven Box. As you can see there's only two polishes. Originally I ordered a third product, however I received an email from Julep stating that there was an issue and that they will not be charging people who bought the box and couldn't get the product. We'll talk about that... So let's get to it!

#SampleSunday / fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Le sigh. Another weekend about to come to a close. Let's end it on a good note that way we can all start our week right! Will today's Sample Sunday post fit that? We'll just have to find out! Today we'll be talking about the fresh Soy Face Cleanser*. I originally tried one of those tiny sample packets from Sephora and then got this deluxe size in a large Sephora cleanser kit. I've really only tried the Sugar Balms from this brand, so I was definitely excited to try this out.

Like always, we'll first talk about the brand claims, show the ingredients list, talk about my experience with the product and then figure out who I feel would best benefit from the product. So let's start with those claims!

Taking a look at the Sephora website, fresh claims that the Soy Face Cleanser is good for all skin types; normal, oily, combo, dry and sensitive. They also state that this is "a bestselling, do-it-all cleanser and makeup remover that whisks away impurities without stripping the skin of essential moisture." They also claim that this combats dryness, dull or uneven texture and help firm the skin by supporting the natural elasticity of the skin. Those are quite the claims, so let's next take a look at the ingredients and see what we find.

#Empties / July 2016

I first want to apologize for the wonky lighting throughout this post. I've been experimenting with some new lighting for product shots. I've been looking to switch things up a bit, so give me a minute on this.

And now we've gotten to the end of July (at the beginning of October)! Today's post is my July Empties! I've got a lot of stuff here, so grab your beverage and lunch and enjoy the read! As always, we'll start with skincare and then work our way through to hair care, body care, makeup and the random bits.

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