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So I'm finally back with an official #WeeklyRecap. This week has been long and tiring with the hubs out of the country, but he's finally back. By the time this goes up, we'll be doing the one thing that, while exciting, may be hard emotionally. We'll be meeting a possible new friend for Vincent. I really hope it works out! You know it'll be blasted on my social media accounts if it does.

How about you all? Any awesome plans? Any favorite posts of the week?

This Week's Posts
Sunday: --
Monday: --
Tuesday: --

My Favorite Posts of the Week
This Simple Trick Will Help You Use Your Free Time Effectively [Career Girl Daily] // Time management is something that I feel I'm always struggling with. I think more so when things get almost too hectic. Take a quick read and then listen to the clip from the TED talk that's linked. Really good stuff.
8 Qualities of Highly Confident Women [The Huffington Post] // How many of these qualities do you have? I definitely see some of these qualities in myself and I see this list as potential for me to gain more confidence.
I’m a Feminist but My Subconscious is Still Sexist [Man Repeller] // Ever have those moments where you watch another gal do something and you're like... omg 😮  but then realize that if a guy did the same thing it'd be no big deal? This is just another gal's thought on watching a particular event.
The Great Debate: What’s Better for Your Skin, An Oil or Cream? [Bldg. 25] // So which is it? Well, it depends! This article is a good starting point for those who really want to know.
The Difference Between ‘Fashion’ And ‘Style’ With Jemimah [Chronicles of Her] // Another age old question answered.

Video of the Week
So one of my favorite looks in general in a more "masculine" or "handsome" look. If I don't feel like wearing lipstick, this is what I gravitate towards. Rhian has a great tutorial on this look. Lisa Eldridge has one too. I believe she uses the term androgynous for the title though.

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