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Thursday, April 18, 2019

I mentioned it briefly in my celebrity fragrance collection post, but I'm on a no-buy. not a typical no-buy, but something that's a little bit more curated. back when I was doing a lot of beauty blogging, I tended to buy a lot of stuff. I mean a lot of stuff. I'd buy whatever was on sale, anything I could find at Marshalls or other discount stores, and I'd stock up on samples from subscription boxes. in fact, I had subbed to so many boxes that I simply couldn't keep up with using anything from boxes until 3-4 months later! it got to a point where enough was enough. The only plausible thing to do was to stop.

as of right now, I've been on a no-buy for almost 6 months now. I only buy things that are absolutely necessary, but I don't buy more. if I run out of body wash, I go grab that. I don't see myself running out of any skincare or hair styling products within the next year. and while I do want to try what's out, I end up making lists and revisit them when I see the latest releases. I also thought logically about all of the samples I have and took an afternoon to sort out things I know that I really wanted to try and others that I had no interest in.

while I still have a rather large collection, what I have is manageable. I share products with my teen, tween and husband, so it's not just me that goes through everything. on one hand, it's rewarding emptying all of these products. however, on a deeper level, I've thought more about consumerism and how I don't want to be that person that encourages others to buy, buy, buy nor will I let myself feel the need to buy, buy, buy to compete with other bloggers.

so here's to using up and clearing out my stash! next project, buying sustainably!

puerto viejo de talamanca, limon, costa rica

Thursday, March 28, 2019

hotel banana azul

hotel banana azul.

coral reef puerto viejo costa rica

coral reef.

my celebrity fragrance collection

Thursday, March 21, 2019

My Favorite Celebrity Scents

I'm a huge sucker for perfumes, so my spiral down the celebrity fragrance train was just a matter of time. Part of me is telling myself that I'm getting too old for this shit. the other part of me does not give a single fuck. my spending moratorium is telling me I need to finish most of my perfumes before I pick out more.

it all started with Lady Gaga Fame. besides being a huge fan of Lady Gaga, this scent is just amazing. it's floral, slightly fruity and deep. definitely a sexy scent. however, I'm boring, so I wear it whenever I want. this was the only celebrity scent I owned for quite some time, but then it happened. we moved near a Marshalls and Ross. the deals were at every corner! the rest of my collection is below:

new blog, new me.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

I've gone back and forth on blogging, and after trying other blogging avenues, I decided it was time to come back to my roots. while I primarily had written beauty blogs, this blog is really just about sharing my photos, travels, and thoughts relating to various topics like adulting, parenting, beauty and more. I hope to engage more with you, my readers this way. be sure to follow me on my social media accounts, too!

Twitter // where I talk about various games, rt beautiful art, memes, and other stuff. I'm on daily.
Instagram // all-inclusive interest photo posts. I'm trying to post daily.
Flickr // photos from the blog and my older portfolio.
YouTube // gaming videos only. I haven't been too active in making full videos for some time, however, I post clips on Twitter now.
Twitch // ya girl is going to start streaming soon. most likely I'll be streaming retro JRPGs or fighting games. I keep telling myself I'll get into Overwatch like the rest of the fam.

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