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Thursday, April 18, 2019

I mentioned it briefly in my celebrity fragrance collection post, but I'm on a no-buy. not a typical no-buy, but something that's a little bit more curated. back when I was doing a lot of beauty blogging, I tended to buy a lot of stuff. I mean a lot of stuff. I'd buy whatever was on sale, anything I could find at Marshalls or other discount stores, and I'd stock up on samples from subscription boxes. in fact, I had subbed to so many boxes that I simply couldn't keep up with using anything from boxes until 3-4 months later! it got to a point where enough was enough. The only plausible thing to do was to stop.

as of right now, I've been on a no-buy for almost 6 months now. I only buy things that are absolutely necessary, but I don't buy more. if I run out of body wash, I go grab that. I don't see myself running out of any skincare or hair styling products within the next year. and while I do want to try what's out, I end up making lists and revisit them when I see the latest releases. I also thought logically about all of the samples I have and took an afternoon to sort out things I know that I really wanted to try and others that I had no interest in.

while I still have a rather large collection, what I have is manageable. I share products with my teen, tween and husband, so it's not just me that goes through everything. on one hand, it's rewarding emptying all of these products. however, on a deeper level, I've thought more about consumerism and how I don't want to be that person that encourages others to buy, buy, buy nor will I let myself feel the need to buy, buy, buy to compete with other bloggers.

so here's to using up and clearing out my stash! next project, buying sustainably!

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