muris monday #1: pride month

Monday, June 17, 2019

it's Pride month and we're here to celebrate. whether you're a proud member of the community, an ally, or whether you're still in self-discovery and not out, I want to say that I have nothing but love and respect. to celebrate, I'm sharing my favorite LGBTQ+ artists and allies in this playlist. as this is my first Music Monday, I plan on sharing a photo from my concert photography portfolio that correlates to the playlist. this playlist's photo is of Peaches, whom I had the honor of photographing in 2006 in San Francisco.


Pride means a lot to many people. however, not everyone feels the love. if you're LGBTQ+ and need help, there are tons of resources. here are a few:

Crisis Text Line: text 'LGBTQ' to 741741 in the US (there's help for those in Canada, UK (soon in Ireland and South Africa)
The LGBT Asylum Project: if you're an immigrant and fleeing persecution in your home country, email or visit their location in San Francisco, CA.
Trans Lifeline: call 1-877-565-8860
Campus Pride Index: look through their national listing for LGBTQ friendly colleges and unis.

there are so many great resources out there and each of these sites has even more listed. for those who wish to donate to good causes, check out It Gets Better and The Trevor Project.

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