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Saturday, June 1, 2019

like everyone else, I bought a few things during the Sephora VIB sale. and maybe not like everyone else, there were 5x points on fragrance purchases the week after the VIB sale ended. I'm a sucker for fragrances and bonus points. and yes, I'm on a no-buy, however, everything I did end up getting was to replace something I threw out or used up or have had on a wishlist for some time. I'll make sure to notate which.

let's take a look at what I bought...

Sephora Collection Color Hit Mini Nail Polish in Winter Spirit

Sephora Collection Color Hit Mini Nail Polish in Winter Spirit.* I've been looking for a cool-toned gray nail polish and I've always liked Sephora's nail polishes in the past. I'm glad to see them back with much cuter packaging. also, I've always loved their formula. (wishlist... sort of)

NARS Orgasm Illuminating Loose Powder

NARS Orgasm Illuminating Loose Powder.* Orgasm is my favorite blush and I'm new to the highlighter game. I have some, but I never wear this. I knew this would be one I'd wear and oh boy is it glorious. I'm in love with the whole collection, so I may need to grab the rest before it sells out.

Sephora Collection Dry Revive Dry Body Brush

Sephora Collection Dry Revive Dry Body Brush.* I've read and heard about body brushing for some time. I'm hoping its something that can help out with my dry skin. (wishlist)

Sephora Collection Color Enhancing Lip Oil

Sephora Collection Color Enhancing Lip Oil.* I read the reviews and saw this is a potential dupe for Clinique Black Honey. first, it's really not, but second, it's more moisturizing. so I did get this to replace, but color-wise, I'm still on the hunt. (replacement)

Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum Ellis Brooklyn Myth Eau de Parfum Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Eau de Toilette

Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Eau de Toilette Rollerball.* so I know Jeremy Fragrance said to stop buying this and to start buying Intense instead, but I can't help it. this is just one of my all-time favorite scents. I absolutely cannot live without this scent. I bought a rollerball and will eventually buy another full size, but this was a must for my trips coming up over the summer. (replacement)

Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum For Her Rollerball.* I've had this scent on my wishlist for some time and I knew I needed a rollerball size before deciding to get a full size. (wishlist)

Ellis Brooklyn Myth Eau de Parfum.* I've been wanting to try and Ellis Brooklyn fragrance for some time and I had put this on my wishlist based on the notes. upon first sniff, I'm not super impressed, but the true test is when I wear it. I'll save that for when I'm not sick. (wishlist)

above are swatches of the highlighter and lip oil. and now for the samples...

HUDA BEAUTY Kayali Elixir |11 Eau de Parfum. if you like rose fragrances, you'll love this. I'm not the hugest fan and prefer something deeper. I'll pass this on to my co-worker who is in love with rose scents.

Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser + Bamboo Booster. I've been reading/hearing all about this cleanser, so when I saw the coupon code for it, I knew I need to try before buy. I have a few other 1st cleansers to go through before I try this, but I may move it up in the queue.

Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinol Serum. as a skin care buff, I admit that I don't use Retinol like I should at my age. I have used products that contain some, but really my true anti-aging regime is the lack of drinking, doing drugs, and eating well (for the most part). Seeing as this was only for 100pts, I jumped on it.

Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 in Matte Tint. I've loved this tinted sunscreen and used to use it a couple of years ago. I picked up a sample of this from each order. I've been trying some other products, so I wanted to try this to see if I wanted to back to it.

IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce Clinically Advanced Miraculous Anti-Aging Moisturizer. I'm not sure why I picked this sample. I'm guessing the others were just not something I was interested in.

NEST Rose Noir & Oud Votive Candle. this was the gift with purchase of a specific amount of fragrance. it's not shown here, and I'm sure it's actually downstairs with other candles. I tend to buy lower cost candles at Marshalls and this is my first NEST fragrance.

and that's it! I think I did ok, but I do need to curb back my beauty spending yet again.

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